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Dog Walking in Corsham, Box, Bathford, and surrounding area

    Dog Walking and other services

    We currently cover the Corsham, Box, Bathford, and surrounding area

    We believe a walk isn't just about exercise, it's also an opportunity for our dogs to satisfy their psychological need to sniff and explore so, as our name reflects, all our walks are country walks.

    Whether in the woods or across the fields we will always make sure your dog gets the opportunity to fulfill their doggy needs.

    It is very important to us that the dogs in our care feel as secure and happy as possible. We seek to achieve this in a variety of ways:

    Group size

    Small walking groups of up to 4 dogs at a time, this number is large enough to allow the dogs to enjoy the experience of the group but small enough for us to be fully in control of any situation that may arise.

    Our Van

    Vans fitted with individual caging. All dogs are excited at the prospect of going for a walk and many often cannot wait to get out and play with their companions. Some however are a little timid and like to stay on the sidelines. With this in mind we will never expect your dog to share a cage with another dog. Individual cages also allow new dogs to be aware of each other but not feel overwhelmed or unable to get away whilst traveling in the van.


    Whilst in the van we play music specifically created to calm dogs in the car. For more information please check out http://throughadogsear.com/

    Variety is the spice of life!!

    We have a number of different walks to choose from within our catchment area and will often vary where we go to provide as stimulating a walk as possible. The choice of route is also dependent on the weather and on hot, dry days we will always seek out the shade and cool of a woodland or river walk.

    It is also very important to us that you feel happy and secure about your decision to use our services. To achieve this we will:

    • Always contact you after the first walk to let you know how it all went.
    • Provide you with regular updates.
    • Always keep you informed of any incidents that may occur on the walk or any concerns we may have regarding your dogs.


    • 1 dog - £11 per 1 hr walk
    • 2 dogs per household - £18 per 1 hr walk

    Get in touch: T: 01225 707090 | M: 07906689570

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