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Dog Walking in Corsham, Box, Bathford, and surrounding area


Sam Honeybell and Monty:

Monty has been walked by Woodland Walkies for six years and Charlie certainly provides an excellent service. Monty is always so excited when he arrives to take him out and just loves being with Charlie. It's very reassuring to know that whilst I am at work my dog is taken on a variety of walks and socialises with different dogs.

I know that Charlie understands Monty's nature completely and I feel that when he is being walked he is treated like one of his own dogs. Charlie provides a very friendly, reliable service and there are never any muddy paw prints to be found! I cannot recommend him highly enough!

Sam Honeybell and Monty

Becky Collis and Flo

Woodland Walkies has walked Flo for over a year now. Theyare very reliable and if I have needed to change my work day at short notice she has been very flexible.

Flo is a rescue dog who was maltreated by a previous owner and as such is fearful of strangers and sometimes other dogs. However, Woodland Walkies are very knowledgeable about canine behaviour and Flo has formed a good attachment with them and enjoys walking with the other dogs. I am very happy with Woodland Walkies service and would highly recommend them.

Dawn Gibson and Max

Sharon & Charlie run a very relaxed, flexible and friendly dog walking service. They look after our dog as we would, which makes us feel very at ease whilst we are out at work.

I Know that our dog looks forward to his walk everyday as i have seen how excited he gets when he hears their car and by the interaction he has when they come through the door. We would be lost without both of them and are so happy that Max is being well exercised in our absence in a variety of beautiful walks. My husband always jokes that Max has seen more of Wiltshire than he has.

Sue Hall and Benji

Woodland Walkies started walking Benji nearly a year ago now. He gets so excited when he sees his walker and we know that he gets excellent care and attention. He is so much calmer and socialises well with other dogs.

We get regular updates on his antics and Woodland Walkies always call if they are concerned by anything he does. We are so happy that we found Woodland Walkies and that they are able to take our little bundle of trouble on!!

Harriet Symon and Hughie:

"Hughie has had the pleasure of walking with Woodland Walkies for the past 5 years or so. Sometimes we bump into them when they are out with other dogs, and it's clear that everyone is having a fabulous time. In fact, it was no surprise to get a phone call from a neighbour telling me that she had seen Hughie out on a walk and wanted me to know how happy he was! I trust Charlie implicitly, and he really cares about the dogs as though they are his own. He doesn't just walk your dog, he cares about their health, behaviour and wellbeing too. It has been a true blessing to him around us- particularly as Hughie has made the transition from being the only 'baby' in the family, to the much loved but regularly poked and prodded pet of our two small boys."

Thanks Woodland Walkies! Harriet Symon and Hughie.

Zoe Freeman and Buster

Charlie has been walking my dogs for over 6 years. Both my dogs are rescues and have very different characters. Buster is now the elderly statesman at 15, who would have you believe that he is old and doddery but secretly is a canny individual who loves to go on his walks but at his own pace hoovering up any tasty (according to Buster) morsel he can find on route. Candy on the other hand a relatively young and lively 6 year old adores running, catching mice, chasing squirrels and digging holes. Charlie organises walks that suits the both of them, along with the rest of the gang of course. They absolutely adore Charlie and he understands their natures perfectly. My friends refer to him as the “dog whisperer” as he appears to have such an innate understanding of all things canine. I trust him completely to ensure my dogs have a fab walk along with being perfectly safe and well cared for. Totally reliable too he has never let me down. I even checked before buying my current house that he would still be able to walk my dogs from the new abode before putting in an offer! The dogs and I would simply not be without him!

Zoe Freeman

Michelle Garcia and Jack

'We have been using Sharon and Charlie for nearly 2 years to walk our much loved dog Jack. From the very start Jack instantly bonded with them both and he loves his walks with them and the other dogs.

I would highly recommend their service to anyone who loves their pet and wants to be confident that they will be well exercised and looked after. They are utterly reliable, very flexible and clearly both love what they do, taking a genuine interest in your dog and its welfare'. Michelle Garcia

Natasha and Charlie

'Tracy regularly looks after our 3 year old Bichon Frise, Charlie. He is very energetic and loves to be outdoors. I can feel assured that he will be well looked after as if he is one of Tracy’s own. When I collect him he is worn out, happy and reluctant to come home! I can tell he really enjoys his time with Tracy and loves his walks which are much needed to burn off all his energy. I would highly recommend Tracy to anyone thinking of hiring a dog walker and would like to say a big thank you from us and Charlie of course! '

Layla and Cookie

'I have a Chihuahua x Pug called Cookie, and Tracy has looked after her for me on several occasions. I completely trust Tracy and I feel comfortable leaving Cookie in her hands. Cookie really enjoys herself as she gets lots of nice walks and attention which she loves! I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy as she has been fantastic with Cookie.'

Louise and Woody

' I have known Tracy for a few years now. Tracy has walked my Woody on many occasions. She also has looked after my cats. My fur babies love Tracy and get very excited when she comes round.

Tracy is a very trustworthy and kind person, and I trust her implicitly with my animals and my home. '

Charlie and Heather Crawford

I can unreservedly recommend Charlie Rich to anyone looking for a special, caring and compassionate dog walker. Charlie has a real empathy and understanding and my elderly Corgi (also called Charlie) loves him. Charlie (dog) is very fond of his basket and not of an athletic disposition – he needed some exercise and doggie companions but I was concerned that he wouldn’t be able to keep up with the big boys! Charlie and Sharon group the dogs carefully and Charlie (human) entirely understood his love of leisurely sniffing and introduced him to the pleasures of paddling in streams. The sound of the Woodland Walkies van in the drive is a guarantee to get Charlie out of his basket! Charlie’s advice on doggie health and a recommended change in diet has also been invaluable.

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